Files for printing

1. The artwork should be sent as two PDF files: the first is the cover, the second ­ the inner pages.
2. PDF should be saved as PDF/X­1a: 2001 Acrobat 4 version 1.3.
3. The project should be embedded in CMYK without attaching additional profiles.
4. The file should contain all the pages arranged one after the other, including blank pages.
5.  All pages in artwork should be in the same position ­ vertical or horizontal.
6.  The artwork size in the file should be equal to the desired/ordered product size.
7.  Trimmboxes should be marked.
8.  Required bleed: for cover ­ 5mm, for the inner pages ­ 3mm.
9.  All text and important graphic elements (codes, logos) should be placed not less than 5 mm away from the cutting line.
10.  All printing marks on inner pages should be removed.
11.  The artwork for cover may include printing marks.
12.  The artwork should be sent as 300 dpi resolution file.
13.  All fonts used in the book should be attached to the PDF file or converted to curves.
14.  The artwork for UV  coating should be prepared in a separate file. All elements covered with UV coating should be 100% black.
15.  All attached bitmaps and photos should be of 300 dpi resolution.
16.  Text in the book should be prepared in CMYK and consist of  K : 100% black, with no ICC profile.
17.  Do not use RGB.
18.  The minimum font size is 4 points (when white lettering 6 points).

1. In case of color pages, please describe carefully their location in the book.
2. When spine thickness is less than 5 mm, it cannot contain any text, graphics, logos.
3. Page number in saddle stitched brochures should always be a multiple of 4.
4. Before preparing the cover for books with hardcover, please request a template via email:
5. In case of doubble sided printing, there should be a blank space left on the spine on the innerpage.
6. Please note that on 2nd and 3rd cover page and first and last page of the inner pages there will be a glued space about  4­5 mm from the spine, what reduces the effective size of spreads.

1. Due to the possibility of occurrence of a small moves during cutting  process, frames should be avoided, as they may give the impression the artwork is not centralised.
2. Colors of the artwork on a screen and on the digitally printed product  may be different  due to the print technology.
3. To avoid stripes on a printed product please do not use colour gradient lower than 5% and add noises.
4. Minimum line thickness is 0.25 (0.088 mm)

1. In case of missing safety space, or the difference in dimension of the ordered product and artwork sent­ the artwork will be centralised.
2. In case of sending an artwork with a different page dimension­ the artwork will be centralised and trimmed as per the ordered product.
3. In case of missing bleed, the artwork will be printed as per the sent file (with no bleeds).