Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Bookpress.eu


The owner of the website is: "Bookpress.eu Roman Kowalski"

10-408 Olsztyn, Lubelska 37C Street

NIP UE: 7391707321


These Terms and Conditions are an agreement concluded between Bookpress.eu and a Customer who uses the shop.

The order can be placed after reading these Terms and Conditions and accepting it.


1. Placing an order

1.1. Orders can be placed only after registering on the website.

1.2. Orders can be placed 24h, 7 days a week through our online print shop.

1.3. The price is binding from the date of placing an order by a Customer and cannot be changed.

1.4. To every order we issue VAT invoices which contain data provided during registration. After booking the payment for a given order the invoice can be downloaded in PDF format in customer panel, in our online print shop.

1.5. We retain the right to change prices of products and services included in our offer, to launch promotions in the shop and to cancel them at any moment, without further notice.


2. Order fulfilment - commitments:

2.1. Order processing time is measured from the date of booking the payment on our bank account and acceptance of files to print, up to the moment of sending the product.

2.2. Order processing date is set individually for every product from our offer and is to be found at every product in the shop.

2.3. Order processing date is provided in working days. By working day we understand every day except for Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and other non-working days.

2.4. Production and delivery times are estimated only unless confirmed by a member of staff or email. We do our best to deliver all orders within estimated time, but it is possible that order may be delayed due to: error in printing or at the finishing stage, demage in packing or misdelivery. By placing an order with us you are aware of the fact that it may happen and you may need to wait untill order is re-printed - that usually takes half a time of standard turnaround unless it's due to delivery. If order is delayed as a consequence of error in printing, the Customer will be informed on-tel not later than on the last day of previously set processing date. Please note: 99% of all orders are delivered on time.

2.6. Documents, transferred in electronic file, have their original form in which they were sent by the Customer. Basic testing of their printability is performed free of charge. Testing includes checking paper size correctness, information on colouring. We do not introduce changes, verify its substance and language correctness as well as we do not modify sent files if a graphic design is not ordered.

2.7. The Customer shall be liable for all legal defects which result from the content and form of sent documents and projects ordered by him, including all copyrights infringements and infringements of third parties' rights.


3. Returns and complaints

3.1. Complaints concerning damages of products during their transport must be reported to the courier at the time of products receipt. The recipient is obliged to write a complaint protocol at driver curier's presence at the time of parcel's receipt and send a written notification (an email) to info@bookpress.eu. Complaints which does not comply with the described procedure will not be handled. In such case, the main decision maker is the shipment company.

3.2. Complaints which concern the quality of the print are received per e-mail up to 5 working days after the product delivery. The complaint handling lasts up to 4 working days.

3.3. Complaints which concern the difference between the colouring of printouts and the colouring of sent files, which result from different settings of parameters of the Customers's monitor, especially the difference in colours and shades, do not provide grounds for complaint.


4. Order cancellation

4.1. You have a right to cancel an order as long as the print process has not started. Please note that you cannot cancel an order once its status is "Printing in Progress" or any subsequen.

4.2. Once order cancelled we will proceed with refund within 5 working days.

4.3. Cancellation charges: please note that a 5% charge of the total value of the original order will be made on all cancelled orders plus a £10.00 charge to cover administration costs.


5. Intellectual property

5.1. The content of www.bookpress.eu website is protected by the English copyright law and the English intellectual property law. All texts, logotypes, proper names, graphic designs, forms, scripts, passwords, source codes, trademarks, service marks belong to www.bookpress.eu website and are registered. Copying, modifying, duplicating or distributing any content belonging to www.bookpress.eu website without the owner's consent is prohibited.